#005 – Mastodon – May 20, 2019

Sick of the drama on Facebook, and the abuse on Twitter? You might want to try Mastodon. Mastodon, named after the rock band, is a federated, open-source social media platform. It’s federated like email, which means you can have hundreds of different servers that speak the same language. And it’s open source, meaning no company controls it, and anyone can run a Mastodon server. Mastodon looks like Twitter, except instead of tweets, posts are called toots. But Mastodon has features that Twitter doesn’t, like a content warning to hide spoilers or graphic content. Whereas Facebook is a giant monolith, the Mastodon community is very diverse. There are Mastodon servers for artists, programmers, academics, and activists. It’s part of a growing collection of apps and services that are part of the indie web. Want to give Mastodon a try? Learn more, and choose your first server, at joinmastodon.org. I’m Ryan Ozawa, and this has been Techspotting.

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