#017 – Apple iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5, Apple TV+ – Sept. 11, 2019 [Video]

Apple’s fall keynote is like Christmas morning for Apple fans. This year Apple announced a reduced price for the iPhone, and better cameras and battery life for the iPhone Pro. Also, the Apple Watch Series 5, and aggressively priced services like Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS Continue reading #017 – Apple iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5, Apple TV+ – Sept. 11, 2019 [Video]

#016 – Smartphones, Tariffs, Disney+ – Sept. 2, 2019 [Video]

Fall brings the latest flagship smartphone releases from Samsung and Apple, but how much better can they get? Will the new tariffs on Chinese goods affect pricing? And how does Disney’s upcoming streaming platform compare with giants Netflix and Hulu? https://archive.org/download/20190902-Smartphones-Tariffs-Disney/KITV%202019-09-02-480.mp4Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS Continue reading #016 – Smartphones, Tariffs, Disney+ – Sept. 2, 2019 [Video]

#014 – 1Password – July 29, 2019

How secure are you? The only thing worse than a weak password is using the same password for multiple accounts. But coming up with strong passwords is hard, and remembering a hundred different passwords is even harder. One important step you can take toward better online security is using a password manager. Apple builds one called Keychain into its computers. Most browsers save passwords. But … Continue reading #014 – 1Password – July 29, 2019

#013 – DuckDuckGo – July 22, 2019

Just Google it. That’s what people say when they talk about searching for something online. Google is synonymous with search, and makes billions of dollars off of our constant curiosity. But Google collects lots of information about you, in order to show ads to you. And for privacy advocates, that’s too high a price to pay. Instead of Google, try DuckDuckGo. Yes, DuckDuckGo is a … Continue reading #013 – DuckDuckGo – July 22, 2019

#012 – FaceApp & Neuralink – July 19, 2019 [Video]

There are reports the viral FaceApp is sending all your photos to Russia. What’s going on? As with most viral stories, there’s reason to be concerned, but it’s probably not as bad as it sounds. FaceApp, which already caught the attention of security researchers two years ago, is back in the news again with people taking the ‘FaceApp challenge,’ which is posting photos in which … Continue reading #012 – FaceApp & Neuralink – July 19, 2019 [Video]

#011 – Buffer – July 15, 2019

If you run a business, you probably promote it on social media. But who has the time to can’t spend all day tweeting or posting photos to Instagram. Fortunately, there’s Buffer. Buffer is an app for scheduling posts to social media. At its simplest, Buffer lets you build up a series of posts that are then published over time. Buffer supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, … Continue reading #011 – Buffer – July 15, 2019