Does your email inbox rule your life? Supercharge it with FollowUpThen. While my kids think email is old-fashioned, it’s still how a lot of work gets done. I’ve outsourced my brain to Gmail. It’s so easy to search, I email myself notes all the time. I’ve recently found a new tool that turns my email inbox into a powerful reminder and to-do list. It’s called FollowUpThen, and everything is done via email to Here’s how it works. Let’s say I want to remember to renew my car registration in three months. I just send an email addressed to threemonths at In three months, that email comes back to me. Dinner reservations on June 20th? Send a message to june twenty at If you copy a FollowUpThen address in a message to a friend, you both will get the reminder. It’s great. And if FollowUpThen is too long to type, you’ll love the short version. Email tendays at F U T dot I O. I’m Ryan Ozawa, and this has been Techspotting.


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