#006 – Slack – May 27, 2019

Are you buried under email? Are your coworkers calling too many meetings? You should try Slack. Slack is a chat app for teams, and it’s described as an “email killer.” Whether for your company, club, or family, Slack makes it easy to chat with a group of people. And Slack organizes conversations into channels, so you can discuss different topics. There can be a channel for your marketing team, where they can discuss the next radio ad. And another channel to plan a potluck. Channels can be public, or private. Slack also supports sharing documents, photos, and other files. And for most features are free. Paid plans let you search every message ever posted to Slack, and connect other apps. So instead of playing phone tag, or copying everyone in an email thread, use Slack to get things done fast. Want to try Slack before telling your boss about it? Check out HawaiiSlack.com. I’m Ryan Ozawa, and this has been Techspotting.

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