The Periscope’s been praised for simplifying lifestreaming and for the two months it’s been out on on the iPhone, the internet’s discovered people really want to know what’s in a stranger’s refrigerator (sriracha and a distinct inability to cook, in my case) and a new and exciting way to get free cable (or at least, free pay-per-view).

Android users can finally get in on the Perscoping that goes on from the streaming of celebs and want-to-be-celebs, if that’s your thing. Some people believe Periscope can a force for “citizen journalism“, but that’s only true in a fraction of a percent of its use.

Let’s face it — when was the last time you heard someone talk about “Frontline” and not “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”? There you  go.

No word as to when/if Perscope’s mortal enemy, Meerkat, will raise itself on its haunches for Google’s little green robot.

Via The Verge. Photo by Anthony Quintano/flickr.


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