GoPro to Introduce 320 Degree, 6 Camera “Sphere” and Drone

If you’re someone who doesn’t surf, BASE jump or engage in some kind of activity that makes your insurance agent wince, you probably don’t have much use for a GoPro. Nice to have, but like that treadmill you’re using to dry your towels, you probably won’t use it much. Or ever.

Or, will you? GoPro is working on new accessories to its product line. First up: a sphere (though it looks more like a cube) with six GoPros to capture 360 degrees of footage.

The device is meant for VR and AR applications. The company’s working on cloud-based storage for its device in addition to cloud-based activation of the cameras — which should come in handy when you have to tun on multiple devices simultaneously and sync up the footage. It’s expected to ship in the second half of 2015.

GoPro is also taking its camera, which is a popular third party add-on to consumer drones, and attaching it its own first party remote controlled flyer. If you’re hoping for a drone to follow you while risking life (and it if happens, I’m sure your heirs will be more than happy to put it up on YouTube), you’ll have to wait until the second half of next year.

Via TechCrunch. Photo by Tom Hart/flickr.

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