Apple WWDC 2011

The announcements made by Apple at WWDC 2011 were game changing. I especially like the way the human to computer interface is evolving. On this Techspotting video, Ryan and I do a quick overview of what stood out in our minds with Apple’s announcements. We can look forward to a new Macintosh operating system called Lion, a new iOS version 5 for the iPhone and iPad, and the new cloud service called iCloud.

Bits of these upgrades are starting to trickle to end users but the production releases will not happen until Fall 2011. Upgrading to Lion is very affordable at $29.99, but even with that said, it is probably time to think of investing in a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

One thought on “Apple WWDC 2011

  • Mahalo! Now I’m in the loop. Great explanations, and your excitement is contagious. lol–of course I’m just figuring out MobileMe and now I’ve got iCloud to deal with. I suppose that’s part of the fun- always something new! My guess is once I have a Mac as opposed to a PC, it will all be THAT much easier to sync πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!


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