Honolulu Tsunami Evacuation Zones

As part of the City and County of Honolulu’s disaster preparedness effort, they’ve created this mobile application. Discover and share tsunami evacuation zone information for the island of Oahu. In the event of an emergency, time is of the essence. The Honolulu Tsunami Evacuation Zones app allows you to quickly and easily discover if you are in a tsunami evacuation zone. Search for your loved … Continue reading Honolulu Tsunami Evacuation Zones

Feed Me!

PencilBot Preschool Feed Me! is a series developed by teachers and parents who love to make learning fun! This simple, easy-to-use game can be enjoyed by children and their parents as they play along. Feed the little monster the correct “food” he is thinking of and unlock trophies for your trophy case! Go to www.pencilbot.com for more details. Feed the monster the wrong item and … Continue reading Feed Me!

Clean Energy Hawaii STEM

Clean Energy Hawaii STEM is an iPad App created to support innovative energy science education worldwide. This App can be used by teachers, parents, and students in the classroom or at home to augment a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum. The term clean energy refers to creating electricity from sources that are renewable or that create little or no pollution during production. The … Continue reading Clean Energy Hawaii STEM

Pidgin 101

Pidgin 101: Pidgin English derived from the various ethnic groups that worked Hawaii’s plantations. The creole English of the Hawaiians, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Koreans, Puerto Ricans, Samoans, Filipinos and other ethnicities made up what many Hawaii locals have grown up speaking. Pidgin is part of Hawaii’s culture and heritage. Please use it with respect and “No just make anykine!” – Lanai Continue reading Pidgin 101