Coworking in Hawaii

Coworking space is not a new concept. They’ve been around for years. You can find traditional business workspaces in places like Seven Waterfront Plaza that charge as much as $45 per hour for a conference room. But that is not conducive to startups and entrepreneurs looking to grab a seat, charge up the laptop, get internet access and collaborate with a buddy. Coworking spaces popping up on the Mainland cost little to nothing at all. Often times they are a space managed by an investor group interested in nurturing early stage startups, perhaps in return for a piece of the company.

This idea was not lost on business development groups in Hawaii. A couple of years ago the City and County of Honolulu was looking to establish a space in Chinatown for coworking. It never got off the ground. Others have tried but the investment to build out a space and manage it seemed a difficult obstacle to overcome. That seems to be finally changing with the Lemonade Stand and Box Jelly.

Here are a list of coworking resources:

Hope to see you in a coworking space nearby.

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