#014 – 1Password – July 29, 2019

How secure are you? The only thing worse than a weak password is using the same password for multiple accounts.

But coming up with strong passwords is hard, and remembering a hundred different passwords is even harder.

One important step you can take toward better online security is using a password manager. Apple builds one called Keychain into its computers. Most browsers save passwords. But a standalone password manager is more powerful, and more portable.

I use one called 1Password. It’s an app on my phone, desktop computer at work, and laptop at home. It makes it easy to fill in login forms on every website and app automatically. It suggests strong passwords, and warns you if you’re using the same password in multiple places. It even supports two-factor authentication, generating a second login code for sites that support them.

Whether 1Password or LastPass or DashLane, use a password manager to ensure that you’re secure.

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