#010 – Brave Browser – July 8, 2019

Is your web browser spying on you? A recent Washington Post column declared Google Chrome to be ‘spy software.’ It’s the most popular web browser, but it’s made by Google, one of the world’s biggest advertising companies. The Washington Post found that Chrome picked up over 11,000 tracking cookies in just a single week of use.

Cookies do help customize content for you, but they also help web firms compile detailed profiles of your interests.

Consider switching to a browser where privacy is the default. I’ve been using a browser called Brave, and I like it a lot. Brave puts privacy front and center, showing a running count of trackers that it blocks as you browse.
It’s faster than Chrome, even though it uses the same core code, and it supports Chrome extensions.

Brave works on all devices, and can synchronise bookmarks across them without identifying you. And Brave supports an opt-in ad network which shares revenue with you and websites that you visit.

You can learn more at Brave.com. Whichever browser you choose, make sure you trust who made it.

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