Apple Watch Makes its Way to Consumers; Available in “Boutiques”, But Not Apple Stores

After months of anticipation, the Apple Watch is being delivered to those who pre-ordered the device in the US and eight other countries.

The Apple Watch wasn’t available for purchase through the Apple Store — sales were done through online pre-orders — but curiously, it is available for purchase through select “boutiques” in high-end retailers designated by the company. Apple fans who hadn’t pre-ordered the watch were found to be camping out and lining up outside those boutiques.

Apple initially communicated to its customers that the Apple Watch would not be available through Apple Stores and that it could only be purchased online. Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s new retail honcho, is being criticized for the watch’s retail availability. Comments on expressed frustration over the situation.

“Angela Ahrendts clearly doesn’t understand Apple customers and their passion for pretty much ANYTHING Apple releases,” user TonyD1983 wrote. “Making us either stay up until all hours of the night, or wake up to preorder Apple Watch so we MIGHT have it on our wrists April 24th is one thing, but then going and allowing certain stores to have it in stock on launch day is a slap in the face.”

In addition, iFixit has done their usual teardown and the website gives it a 5 out of 10 when it comes to repairability. Apple’s recent products has drawn has been criticized by the site for their lack of serviceability; the Apple Watch’s rating is the highest the company’s gadgets received in some time.

Photo by Ryan Ozawa (hawaii)/flickr.

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