Apple Could Soon be Worth More than Saudi Arabia

As Dr. Evil’s shown us, $1 million dollars is a lowball ransom offer for the world but Wall Street says $1 trillion sounds just about right for Apple in the very near future.

At least, that’s what Cantor Fitzgerald financial analysts predicted earlier this week. The company’s shares are trading at about $128 putting its value at $733 billion, but it could soon trade north of $180 a share, making it the first trillion-dollar company.

While Apple’s meteoric rise had people comparing it to the gross domestic products of countries for awhile, this latest projection puts it ahead nations like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and the Netherlands, according to The Guardian. The world’s second largest company, Google, would need to grow more than 2.6 times to overtake Apple.

Cantor Fitzgerald expects sales from the Apple Watch, the company’s iPhone portfolio and its focus on China as being the drivers of boosting it past the $1 trillion dollar mark.

Via The Guardian. Photo by Twang Photography/flickr.

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