Rumor: Google’s Android Wear May be Coming to Apple’s iPhone

A report from a French website ( is speculating that Android Wear devices may be coming to iOS devices. The site also states the announcement regarding the compatibility of the smartwatches, manufactured by LG, Samsung and Motorola, and Apple’s iPhone/iPads might be made during Google’s I/O conference for developers in May.

While the supposed electronic rapport between Google devices and Apple mobiles is unsubstantiated, the source is associated with one of France’s largest tech publications. In addition, video clips have surfaced of a Moto 360 receiving a notification from an iPhone.

In addition, Google has supported its Glass wearable through an iOS app. It makes the scenario of Apple iPhones and Android smartwatches living together not exactly a case of mass hysteria.

Via MacRumors, and Photo by Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns (Janitors)/flickr.

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