California Fines Uber Millions

Uber may be based in the Golden State, but it’s increasingly under more scrutiny by the state’s agencies. First, the California Labor Commission found that one of its drivers was, in fact an employee, not a contractor, and was entitled to all the benefits of a full-timer. Now the California Public Utilities Commission hit the ride-sharing service with a $7.3 million fine for not providing … Continue reading California Fines Uber Millions

Perhaps there is a god — AT&T Fined $100 Million

AT&T, the mobile phone carrier with a logo that — unapologetically and appropriately — looks like the Death Star, was fined $100 million for throttling its customers with unlimited data without properly notifying them. The unlimited data tier is a thing of the past and was announced in 2007 when Steve Jobs  unveiled the original iPhone. AT&T’s network was not up early adopters actually using … Continue reading Perhaps there is a god — AT&T Fined $100 Million