Ryan talks to Daniel Fujikake and Mac Nguyen of Snapzoom, a startup hoping to build an adjustable smartphone mount that allows you to take advantage of traditional optics like binoculars with your phone’s camera. Snapzoom works with most phones (from the iPhone to the giant Galaxy Note) and most scopes like binoculars and telescopes. After making it to the final rounds of Engadget’s “Insert Coin” … Continue reading Snapzoom


Last night brought the first meeting of the Hacks/Hackers group in Hawaii. The focus? Digital journalism, social media, open data, APIs and open government. Among the presenters: Misa Maruyama of the Hawaii Computer Human Interaction Lab invited attendees to participate in a study on social media’s role in political discourse. To participate, fill out this volunteer form. Burt Lum of Bytemarks Cafe introduced the latest … Continue reading Hacks/Hackers