Despite Tech Layoffs, IT Jobs Remain in High Demand

While Silicon Valley giants like Meta and Google undertake mass layoffs, information technology (IT) jobs remain plentiful across the country, offering pathways to stable, well-paying careers even without a college degree.

There were over 316,000 open IT positions nationwide in March 2023, according to data from the nonprofit trade group CompTIA. With technology now integrated into nearly every industry, companies across sectors need workers with tech skills.

“The truth is every company is a tech company,” Plinio Ayala, CEO of Per Scholas, a nonprofit training program, told NPR News. The organization has seen over 80% of its graduates land IT roles within a year.

Many students in Per Scholas’ tuition-free courses are unfazed by tech layoffs. “Technology is integrated into everything we do,” said student Michael Gomez, 44. “So even seeing layoff, layoff, layoff, I’ve been studying.”

Entry-level IT support roles pay significantly more than retail and service jobs many students previously held. “It’s basically three times more than what I’m making now,” said Johntel Brandy, 38, hoping to transition from an airline gate agent job.

While tech company employment dipped slightly in March, overall tech hiring demand rebounded to its highest level in 7 months, according to CompTIA data. Software developers, IT support specialists, and cybersecurity engineers are among the most in-demand roles.

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