The Top Tech Trends So Far in 2023

Generative AI, cybersecurity threats, space exploration, and new smartphones are dominating tech industry headlines in early 2023, according to a recent analysis of press releases.

The analysis, conducted by PR Newswire, looked at nearly 10,000 tech-related press releases issued in January and February. It found a major spike in mentions of “generative AI,” referring to systems like ChatGPT that can generate human-like text. Mentions were up over 1,300% compared to early 2022.

Cybersecurity remained top-of-mind, with phishing scams, SMS fraud, DDoS attacks, and accidental data breaches among chief concerns. Despite this, the analysis found a continued lack of diversity and training in the cybersecurity workforce.

Space exploration also made headlines, as NASA awarded contracts for new commercial space stations to replace the retiring International Space Station. Companies made announcements related to lunar operations, satellites, and plans for eventual crewed missions to Mars.

On the consumer side, the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 smartphone in early February drew rapid announcements from accessory makers unveiling cases, chargers and other compatible products.

Looking ahead, the analysis predicts 2023 will see more advanced AI systems, evolving cyberthreats, progress in space travel, and additional product launches as tech companies seek to capitalize on emerging trends.

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