Amazon Snapping up the Gaming Industry’s Top Talent for its In-House Studio

You know Amazon because of, well, stuff. You probably also know them because of drones. If you’re in online development, you also know about their web services division. But Amazon also wants to be known for its games.

Gaming blog Polygon took notice of a job posting on Gamasutra from Amazon that’s actively soliciting game developers for its upcoming project, “an ambitious new PC game project using the latest technology,” according to the post.

Before you think this is a pipe dream, keep in mind that this is Amazon. So far company’s hired the developer of Portal, Kim Swift, and Splinter Cell and Far Cry’s Clint Hocking. In fact, the ad mentioned the employees of Amazon Game Studios worked on a laundry list of titles even your mother’s heard of, like World of Warcraft, Half-Life 2 and Halo, to name a few.

Gaming is something no one associated with Amazon until recently — but to be fair, the pieces are all there. Amazon Web Services is one of the best cloud service providers, the company’s acquisition of Twitch gives it an audience of hardcore gamers who are OK with paying top dollar for PC and console titles and’s overwhelming presence in e-commerce and the delivery of digital goods gives the studio instant worldwide distribution.

I’m betting with all that talent and all that infrastructure, we’ll see a remake of E.T. in no time.

Via Polygon. Photo by soumit/flickr.

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