Well This is Embarrassing — Adult FriendFinder Hacked

Are you looking to hook up with, uh, like-minded people? If you are and you have a profile on Adult FriendFinder, or AFF, you might want to change your password — or come clean, as changing your password at this point may be shutting the barn doors after the pony-play fetishists have bolted.

If you don’t know what AFF is, it’s a widely used hook-up site that specializes in casual sexual encounters. In addition, I commend you sir. You obviously don’t look for the sort of things most people search for online and haven’t been bombarded by their ads. Fun fact: FriendFinder Networks bought Penthouse when porn magazines were no longer a thing.

The site hosts about 64 million user profiles and informed law enforcement as well as private online security firm FireEye with the details about the breach. About 4 million users were reportedly affected.

Via USA Today. Photo by Adam Thomas/flickr.

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