Bing Share Really is Growing, Google Use Dipped According to comScore

Remember that statement from Google the other day in response to the European Union’s antitrust charges? That the search engine industry is vibrant and full of competition? If you muttered, “Yeah right,” under your breath, you weren’t be the only one.

However, according to information made public yesterday, Bing actually is growing. comScore pegged Bing share of search at 20.1 percent as of March 15, up from 19.8 percent a month earlier. The growth of Bing, or “Microsoft Sites” as comScore puts it, comes at the expense of Yahoo, down .1 percent. Interestingly it also came from Google (or “Google Sites”), down .1 percent from the previous month.

Though Google’s share of the total search engine market is 64.4 percent, it does strengthen the company’s argument that there are other viable alternatives to the Mountain View, Calif.-based corporation, at least from Microsoft’s Bing.

comScore via Search Engine Land. Photo by Manuel Iglesias (michperu)/flickr.

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