You’ve Been Served…With Divorce Papers…Through Facebook!

In case you needed one more reason to unlike Facebook, here’s something scarier than marketers and the NSA tracking you. The site can now be used to serve divorce papers.

At least, it was OK’d by New York City judge Matthew Cooper, a Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, when Ellanora Baidoo wanted to cut the knot with Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku.

Both were married in 2009, but Baidoo wanted it to be a traditional Ghanian wedding. Blood-Dzraku didn’t follow through and the marriage was never consummated. The two separated and the addresses Blood-Dzraku gave Baidoo were vacant and he did not make himself available to receive the divorce papers. He kept in touch with her through phone calls and communication through Facebook.

Andrew Spinelli, Baidoo’s attorney, told the New York Daily News that they had tried to find Blood-Dzraku with a private investigator after the post office had no forwarding address, no record with the DMV and no billing address for his pre-paid cell phone.

“I think it’s new law, and it’s necessary,” Spinelli said.

Via the New York Daily News. Photo by Alex Chaffee (purplepix)/flickr.

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