Apple Launches New Apple Watch Video Page — Wrist, Finger Models Finally in the Spotlight

With a week to go until Apple opens the Apple Watch up to pre-orders on its site and try-on appointments at its stores, the company’s posted a new page on its website with informative and how-to videos about the product.

The new videos offer an overview of the Apple Watch, as well as walk-thorughs as to how to use  its messaging function, select faces for the virtual timepiece and using the digital touch feature of the watch. Additional videos, such as making phone calls and using Siri, are greyed out but are promised to be “coming soon”.

If you want the watch, it’ll only make you want it even more. If you don’t understand why people would go back to strapping something on their wrist, it’s not like the video will change your world view. In any case consider that, in the same way Apple ties up air delivery in the weeks leading up to an iPhone launch, the company’s probably tied up the world’s best wrist and finger models to make these videos.

Pre-order for the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition will begin on April 10; the devices will launch on April 24.

Via Photo by Apple.

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