Quantified Self 2011

This past weekend I got a chance to attend the first Quantified Self conference held in Mountain View, CA at the Computer History Museum. By way of background, the Quantified Self is a movement to better understand your health through knowing your numbers. Technology that helps us monitor vital statistics like activity, blood pressure, heart rate, weight, sleep periods, etc. are not limited to the doctors office or the fitness center. This technology is now accessible to the general public at low cost. Combine sensor technology with wireless and Internet technology you can now collect data on yourself and see how you are performing towards your health goals. In this video Ryan and I talk about the conference and a sampling of the devices that are soon to hit the market. For more information, I wrote a more extensive post with reference articles at Bytemarks.org. We also have a Quantified Self Meetup Group here in Hawaii and if you are interested in where this industry is going or simply which device to get, please sign up and we will notify you of our next meetup.

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