iFu Kung Fu

Hiiiyaaaah! Waaaaahhh! iFu Kung Fu pays homage to the kung fu movies of the past. Re-live your old kung fu movies by busting out your best moves and listening to what happens. As you move your iPhone, a range of sound effects will be emitted from your iPhone’s speaker.

Hear the smacks, the impact of body blows, the swing of the nun chucks, swish of flying kicks other exciting kung fu moves. Unleash with “nei jing” power breaths—go fast or go slow to exert more power with no wasted effort. You can even taunt and do your own poor lip-synching by tapping two fingers anywhere on the screen to hear trash-talking.

1st generation iPod Touch users note: Most of the fun from this app comes from the built-in iPhone speakers. If you really must use your iPod Touch, we recommend attaching external speakers for your listening pleasure.

Go ahead Grasshopper, get ready to release some stress with your kung fu master.

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