Hawaii Guide Me

Hawaii Guide me is the Ultimate Resource Guide for all people in Hawaii. Whether you are visiting Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Lanai, Big Island and Molokai, or you’re a local, Hawaii Guide Me will provide you the most current, in depth and useful information to enhance the Hawaiian Island experience. Whether it’s the bright lights of Honolulu, the remote rain forest’s, beaches and waterfalls of Hana, … Continue reading Hawaii Guide Me

My Health Advantage

With the new MyChart mobile application, patients can securely access their health information from anywhere, at any time, using their iPhone, iPad or iTouch,” said Dr. Dale Glenn, medical director for HealthAdvantage, a wellness program for Hawai‘i Pacific Health. “This will benefit patients who are actively managing their health conditions and allow them to stay on top of their appointments, medications and other important tests … Continue reading My Health Advantage

App Hits for iPad

App Hits helps you find apps fast as you blaze through lists and descriptions. Pick a list to start, be it apps that are on sale, new, hot, or in the App Store’s Top 100. Refine your list by filtering and sorting. Highlight a title and App Hits instantly loads the full description. Furthermore, an informational box displays important statistics for your selected title, providing … Continue reading App Hits for iPad

Feed Me!

PencilBot Preschool Feed Me! is a series developed by teachers and parents who love to make learning fun! This simple, easy-to-use game can be enjoyed by children and their parents as they play along. Feed the little monster the correct “food” he is thinking of and unlock trophies for your trophy case! Go to www.pencilbot.com for more details. Feed the monster the wrong item and … Continue reading Feed Me!


Surfer Buddies is a Social Networking and Surf reporting tool. An interactive, GPS based application with which you get the real time updates from a trusted source at the beach; your social network and Surfer Buddies. Not only do you get information about the beach and surf conditions but you get access to the nearest deals and spots for eating, lodging, shopping, lessons, board rentals, … Continue reading Surferbuddies