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Twitter Wants to be Your New Messaging App

In a post on its developer blog, Twitter announced it’s doing away with its 140 character limit on direct messages. The change will take place in July. The change in policy is speculated to be prompted by increasing competition from Facebook, which beefed up its own messaging capabilities.

Twitter’s added changes to its DM functionality by allowing group messaging as well as allowing any user to reach out to any other user privately, rather than requiring both parties to follow each other.

The 140 character rule, which is still in place for public tweets, is a throwback to the company’s beginnings as a service accessed though SMS on feature phones. Since the social media platform’s introduction it’s exploded on smartphones, negating the requirement for short posts.

However, the Loop Insight’s Dave Mark is wondering if that limitation’s days are numbered as well.

Via Cnet. Photo by Anthony Quintano/flickr.

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