Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitoring Happens When it Happens, for Some Reason

Apple recently issued an update to the software running its latest shiny, mist-have item, the Apple Watch. The 1.0.1 update reportedly made Siri more usable on the wrist and tweaked a few things, as well as making it usable on more languages other than English.

But something strange was reported not too long after the update. The regular heart rate monitoring that used to take place every 10 minutes didn’t happen so regularly. It seemed to happen when it wanted to happen.

However, Apple’s now revealed that this is, in fact a feature. The Apple Watch now measures your heart rate when you’re at rest. If you’re moving or, well, doing something, it won’t take a measurement. If you absolutely positively have to to have your heart rate taken, it’s reported that you can force the function by opening the Workout app or using the heart rate glance.

That being said, if you have dark tattoos you’re still out of luck.

Via Engadget and Apple. Photo by Shinya Suzuki/flickr.

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